About Us

420 Research is a medical market research agency that focuses on achieving the best quality research through ensuring a fairer deal for respondents, clients and interviewers. To see how we go about achieving this, read more here.

We conduct qualitative research in the medical and healthcare markets on behalf of mid-to-large sized market research companies who are seeking to outsource some of their work without incurring excessive expense or compromising on quality.

420 Research intentionally offers a restricted range of services to ensure solid expertise, more about which you can read here.

Our business model:

To provide high-quality market research by keeping our overheads low, our company small and our interviewers, clients and respondents equally satisfied. We believe that adequate incentives, flexible working and professional development are key in achieving good research that is both actionable and meaningful. The first name we came up with for our company was The Good Research Project - and we mean it.

The researchers (us!):

420 Research is run by a group of moderators with an established experience of conducting qualitative research amongst members of the medical profession, as well as patients and consumers of medical products.

We have extensive experience of project management, moderating, conducting telephone based depth interviews, reporting and more. We've worked for large and small companies, which gave us an idea of what kind of research we would like to do more of and how we can ensure good quality control without adopting a 'top-down' approach.